Cyber Gen 2010 was organized by Media and Technology Club (MEDTECH) of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.

The main purpose of this event is about charity and giving exposure to the targeted participants about basic computer skills and media elements.

Other than that, this program can strengthen the relationship between the UTP students and outside community and at the same time they can share computer knowledge and skills with the school students as well. Primary school students can learn how to use multimedia better and building up their self confidence in doing work using Microsoft Power Point and Windows Movie Maker in future by getting to know each application in both software.

This event will be a turning point to boost the students’ spirit in order to maintain and improve their performances in the future.

With the theme “Bridging Digital Mind”, this event is organized to create awareness amongst UTP students on their responsibilities towards the community & nation which stress on their contribution towards the development of the surrounding areas.

for more info, check out Cybergen’s website;

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