As a PETRONAS subsidiary and one of the best private universities in this country, many investments have been made which contribute to the availability of hi-end equipment for a well known branch here – the media department. In 1998, a formation committee was born to help in university functions and to act as a medium between the students and media department and they held the first General meeting, where the first committee members were selected.

Registering the club known as MEDTECH (stands for Media and Technology Club / Kelab Media dan Teknologi) and creating a logo for official use were the few first steps in promoting the club with Mr. Meor Mohamad Zamil Meor Hussein as the advisor. MEDTECH also comprises of the Media Crew to assist the media department in organizing all kind of activities. However, only a few of the club members will be selected to join this elite team, based on certain criteria.

Until these days, MEDTECH has organized many event and activities in UTP, and also, MEDTECH also responsible in assisting activities that need our expertise. Many tours have been planned that can enhance the knowledge among the members to produce a quality and professional MEDTECH team. To date, MEDTECH has established 5 deparments, namely HICOM (stands for High Committees), ECON (stands for Economy Department), PR (stands for Public Relations Department), CREW Development, and CMD (stands for Creative Multimedia Department).

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