Media Tour 2010

Media Tour is an annual event organized by Media and Technology Club (MEDTECH), Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS with an objective to give exposure to UTP students on how multimedia is applied in real-life situation (broadcasting, animation, publication and production). Media Tour 2010 was held on 27th – 28th February 2010 at Kuala Lumpur with a total of 80 participants (24 committee members, advisor, Mr Khairul Badrisham Ramly and 55 students).

On the first day (27th Februrary), we departed from UTP at 8.00 am after registration, short briefing and having breakfast. We arrived at MFX Sdn Bhd, Jalan Imbi on 11.00 am.  This company is a design studio that specializes in digital media and produces lots of commercials such as Digi, Ribena, Tiger Biskuat, PETRONAS and etc. We were divided into 2 groups; 1st group listened to a short briefing about the background of MFX and the 2nd group were had a short tour around the company. Both groups had switched turn at 12.00 pm and at 2.00 pm we continued our trip to another companies after having lunch at MFX.


Second destination was Animasia Studio and Psychotek Sdn. Bhd. All participants were divided into two big groups. Group A went to Psychotek Sdn. Bhd meanwhile Group B went to Animasia Studio. At Psychotek Sdn. Bhd, we were having an interesting forum about the future of animation industry in Malaysia. The forum panels came from different animation companies such as Homework Sdn Bhd, Animagis Sdn Bhd and Psychotek Sdn. Bhd itself. After the forum, we were given the opportunity to do a short tour around the company. At Animasia Sdn Bhd, all participants had a talk on the background of the company and a special appearance of Cartoon Network’s CEO. MEDTECH representative also presented the official montage of Media Tour 2010 to the company.


We checked in at MyHotel, Brickfields at 5.30 pm and had our dinner there. The next destination was KL Tower. We departed from hotel on 7.45 pm and arrived at KL Tower on 8.20 pm. We managed to view amazing night scenery of the city on the observation deck. We finished our session at 9.30 pm and return to the hotel directly. Participants were also required to submit two pictures for ‘Seribu Satu Kisah’ game.


The next day (28th February), we checked out from Myhotel at 7.00 am and arrived at TV9, Media Prima at 7.30 am. All participants were divided into two groups. Group A entered the studio for the first one-hour session and Group B entered the studio for the second one-hour session for the live morning talk show, Nasi Lemak Kopi O. The hosts are Farah Adeeba Mohamed Ashraf and Sharifah Syahira. After that, a photo session was held in front of the Sri Pentas with all the participants.

Next destination is Sky Bridge, KLCC. We arrived at KLCC on 11.00 am and were divided into two groups. First group entered Sky Bridge at 11.30 am meanwhile second group at 12.00 pm. Up on Sky Bridge we viewed incredible panorama of the city and we also took photos before leaved. At 12.45 pm, we had lunch at KLCC Park. We departed to PETRONAS Gallery at 1.45 pm for the special photography talk entitled, “Travel and Street Photography” and viewed an exhibition there. Participants have learned how to get a good snapshot and how to take photos appropriately. The talk ended at 4.00 pm and participants were given a free time at Suria KLCC until 5.30 pm. We departed to UTP at 5.45 pm and arrived at 10.00 pm.

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