Minggu Aluan Siswa 2010

Mingguan Aluan Siswa (Orientation Week), also known as MAS, is a compulsory event where new students or freshies are introduce to the world of university throughout the week. In Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), it is a must to conduct the orientation week as professional as possible to give the students a warm welcome to the their next phase of life.

As for MEDTECH members, we are always prepared to give exposure to students about our club as well as to play one of major roles in MAS, namely media and technical. Aside from preparing training grounds for MEDTECH members, it is another way of creating and tightening the bonds between members within the club itself, from new members to senior members and high committees.

Minggu Aluan Siswa 2010 (MAS Jan 10) has been a great experience for all of us. One of the main event for MEDTECH members to participate is ‘Media Briefing’ where we literally brief the cool widgets and techs that we have in the university and how we utilize it to make the event as professional as possible. Of course, doing coverage, assisting facilitators and participation in activities are among the things that we usually do in MAS.

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