MEDTECH General Meeting

On 15th April 2010, MEDTECH Club had organized MEDTECH General Meeting 2010 as the platform to introduce MEDTECH Club to UTP students and also to announce the new line of High Committees of MEDTECH.

The meeting was started with opening speech by the emcee and followed by the speech of President of MEDTECH (09/10), Muhammad Nasrullah Bin Jaafar. He welcomed the audience and introduced the club to the audience. Then, the advisor of MEDTECH, Mr. Khairul Badrisham Bin Ramly gave his speech. He shared his experience of being an advisor and also gave some advices and reminder to all of the students. Next was the speech by Secretary I, Shadiqin Binti Firdus on the events organized by MEDTECH Club throughout 2009 and semester January 2010.

Then, the result of the election was announced by emcee. Below are the positions and names of the new High Committees of MEDTECH:

• Acting President :Mohamad Faizal Azri Bin Azahari
Acting President - Mohamad Faizal Azri Bin Azahari

• Acting Vice President :Muhamad Faiz Bin Ishak
Acting Vice President - Muhamad Faiz Bin Ishak
• Secretary I :Shadiqin Binti Firdus
• Acting Secretary II :Nur Arina Binti Mohd Said
Acting Secretary 2 - Nur Arina Binti Mohd Said
• Treasurer :Muhammad Amin Bin Jailani

Well done to the previous High Committees of MEDTECH Club. Wishing all the best to the new line of High Committees of MEDTECH.

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