MEDTECH Team TEC X (MTTX) is a new team established by the UTP Media and Technology Club (MEDTECH). This team has been introduced during the TEC 2010 which is held on the 30th and 31st March at the Chancellor Complex as MEDTECH also became one of the exhibitors.

MTTX has been collaborated with the TEC X committees for the video coverage during the TEC’s event. The main objective of creating this new team is to bring MEDTECH club to a higher level; that is the business area.

MTTX is the team that introduced to the UTP students and also the outside community about the services provided by the MEDTECH club.

There were five types of services that MEDTECH offered such as photography, video coverage, montage production, technical crew and equipment rental. There were also certain types of packages for all of the services to make the clients feel more satisfied.

Besides, the team also promoted the services to the companies who are involved in the other exhibitors of TEC X instead of the outsiders, school’s student and also UTP’s student.

The booth closed on 31st March 2010 at 4.30pm. Lastly, special thanks to everyone that involved in ensuring the success to achieve the objectives of this event.

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