Titian Budi 2010

On the 13th– 18th of March – Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) held an event, Titian Budi at Kampung Bukit Pulau, Bukit Katil, Melaka. Titian Budi is an event organized by the Student Representative Council of UTP (SRCUTP) or better known as MPPUTP.

It is an event held annually in villages in Malaysia to help the villagers and eases their burden by carrying out gotong-royong and motivational talks for the children, to name a few, while sharing knowledge and experiences.

Throughout the event, the Media and Technology Club (MEDTECH) was requested to assist the committees of Titian Budi in handling technical equipments.

Titian Budi 2010

Five representatives from MEDTECH were chosen as AVTECH, to help out the committees throughout Titian Budi 2010. Basically, the AVTECH team was required to help out on everything that is related to media, from equipment handling to carrying out the event itself, from photography to compiling and printing the photo, and from video capturing to making montages. Four main video montages were required to be made during the five day event which consists of the Opening montage, Hari Mesra Kampung montage, Smiley video, and Closing montage.

The AVTECH team also took the opportunity to treasure the moments the Titian Budi committees had with their foster families by taking photos and videos and expressing them in the Smiley video and Closing montage.

As an appreciation towards the foster families, who worked hard in taking care of the committees’ welfare, a photo of each family with their foster children were framed and given as a gift to remember the times the family had together.

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