Medtech Appreciation Night 2010

Title says it all. Dedicated to the upcoming members that are graduating and going for internship, MEDTECH Appreciation Night 2010 will be the closing chapter for them in this semester.

MEDTECH Appreciation Night group photo

Together with all medtech committees 09/10 , MEDTECH Appreciation Night 2010 was held at Restoran Simpang Tiga, Ipoh.

It is a certainly a memorable night for us as a family to spend not just a normal buffet dinner but also having fun catching up each others stories and of course, doing what we love to do, snapping tons of photos.

Azrul and MEDTECH's Advisor, Mr Khairul

The dinner was exclusive with the presence of our honorable advisors, Tuan Haji Mohd Noor Rosli B. Baharom and Mr. Khairul Badrisham along with ITMS staffs.


It has been an awesome journey for 2009/2010 committees, every department has played their roles, and with God’s will, next semester, we’ll elevate the standard and services of MEDTECH.

Best of luck to the members that are graduating and internship, not forgetting the rest of committees, excel in Final Exam !

“I believe, Medtech has been successful all these years is because we, advisor, put trust on you.”  –

Tuan Haji Mohd Noor Rosli B. Baharom
Tuan Haji Mohd Noor Rosli

more photos on MEDTECH’s flickr set:


  1. mahsyar says:

    i like the quote. keep it up medtech 🙂

  2. faiz says:

    asal ngan nash tuu..
    salah makan per

  3. Syazwan Zubir says:

    style~ =)

  4. Nasrullah says:

    Faiz..bukan la…ni kes ade kaitan ngan adib (^_^)

  5. azrul says:

    kacak betul la gmbar no 2 tuh. haih~~
    thanx awang~ (i guess)

  6. adired89 says:

    aik tiba2 jerk adib?? ntah nash ni… apsal la nash.. haha..

    btw.. thanks to MEDTECHian.. ^__^V

  7. mahsyar says:

    adired gaya berpeluh… ahah

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