On 1st – 5th of July 2010, Student Representative Council of UTP (MPPUTP) in collaboration with International Student Council (ISC) had organized an event called Mission Awareness Programme (MAP 2010).

The event was held at Kampung Kuak Hulu, Pengkalan Hulu, Perak. The event was held annually in villages in Malaysia to help villagers and to build awareness to the students.

UTP Media and Technology Club (MEDTECH) was requested to assist the committees in handling technical equipments.

MAP 2010

MEDTECH had sent five representatives to be in Audio Visual and Technical (AVTECH) team. The AVTECH team was required to help in setting and handling the equipment during the event held. AVTECH also had to do photography, photo compiling and printing the foster families’ photo.

Other than that, AVTECH also took video coverage to make montages. Four main video montages were required to be made during the five day event which consists of the Opening montage, Malam Aspirasi montage, Smiley video, and Closing montage.

The AVTECH team also took the opportunity to treasure the moments and happiness faces of the committees, teachers, students and foster families by taking photos and videos and expressing them in the Malam Aspirasi montage and Smiley montage.

As an appreciation towards the foster families, a frame of family photo with their foster children and a DVD included the pictures and montages had given to foster family as a gift to remember the times that all the families and committees had together.

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  1. Mahsyar Said says:

    good job MAP team 🙂
    proud of you guys.
    video got lots of improvement

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