MEDTECH Syoknya Raya 2010

MEDTECH Syoknya Raya! 2010 is an annual event which functions as a gathering for the club members. This event was held on 3rd October 2010 at Multi Purpose Hall, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. Objectively, it has been held every year to introduce the new club management to the members, while celebrating Hari Raya together.

Besides that, this event also functions as a farewell party for the graduating seniors of the club and to appreciate them for their contributions towards the club.

MEDTECH Syoknya Raya 2010

The ceremony began with the welcoming speech by the master of ceremony. Then, the ceremony continued by the speech given by the President of MEDTECH Club, Mohammad Izzat Bin Mohd Saleh. He inspired others to give commitment and contribution to the club while he himself is willing to give his best for the club.

Next, the ceremony proceeded with the speech by the Advisor of MEDTECH Club, Tn. Hj. Mohamed Noor Rosli Bin Baharom.
Through his speech, he highlighted the improvements that need to be done by the club and it is the responsibility of all members of MEDTECH Club to develop the club to a higher stage.

MEDTECH Syoknya Raya 2010

Then, a montage, specially made for this event is presented. They were then invited to have dinner. The excitement of the audience grew when the games were conducted. There are 3 games; “Teka Kuih Raya”, “Menganyam Ketupat” and “Teka Lirik Lagu Raya”. Sportingly, the members were eager to participate in all the games and they were enjoying themselves.

Prizes were given to the winner for each game.

MEDTECH Syoknya Raya 2010

As a token of appreciation, the President of MEDTECH Club, Mohammad Izzat Bin Mohd Saleh accompanied by the Project Manager of MEDTECH Syoknya Raya! 2010, Mohd Amri B. Mohammad Noor presented the souvenirs to Tn. Hj. Mohamed Noor Rosli Bin Baharom and Mr Khairul Badrisham Bin Ramly, Advisors of MEDTECH Club. The ceremony then adjourned with a photography session.

This event received positive feedbacks and comments from the members. Indeed, this event is important as it gathered all members, crews, staffs and the advisors of MEDTECH Club. Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that involved directly or indirectly in ensuring the success of the event.


  1. Faiz says:

    ala, nak gamba ak ade len kali awang hahahaa

    • awgnasuha says:

      aku dapat gmbr bnyk ni je from photo team. hahaha

  2. Pisyek says:

    oh~ ruginye aku xde kat situ.. huhu…

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