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Details : 3rd and 10th November 2010, 8.00PM-12.00PM, V2 Meeting Room.

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Event Mangement Seminar 2011 serves the purpose to guide the participants on how to run the events smoothly, systematically and professionally. As it has been reaching its 6th year for 2011 session, we are going to expand our capability as the students from other universities will also be invited to participate as well. This seminar consists of modules in the form of talks and workshops where participants will be exposed about the basics of the event management skills.

Media Tour 2011 has the objectives of providing exposure to UTP students specially, on how multimedia is applied in real-life situation (broadcasting, animation, publication and production). Apart from that, the tour also, the tour will help to enhance students’ knowledge and skills in multimedia. and participants would be able to gain experience in handling cutting edge equipments which are not available in UTP.

Cybergen 2011 is  the  third  batch of a brand new event, replacing Cyber Kids which is basically have the same target but at the same time has been enhanced to make sure that more people will get the benefit from this event. For more info, visit


  1. Pisyek says:

    sangat berminat dengan CyberGen 2011! xD

    • azrul says:

      MEDIA TOUR gi tangkap BURUNGPISYEK la!

      • Pisyek says:

        oh tidak~ burung pisyek ingin terbang bebas.. x boleh la main tangkap2.. 😛

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