Medtech Family Day 2011

On the 3rd of April 2011, UTP MEDTECH Club organized a trip for gathering of all its members named Medtech Family Day to Gua Tempurung. The main objective of this gathering is to bring together all Medtechians for an outing together to create strong bonds between them. To achieve the objective, caving was carried out as one of its activity. Caving was adventurous. Its dark and slippery route was quite a challenge for the participant. After 3 hours of caving, the organizers conducted station games to allow the participants to mingle around and know each other better. It was all smiles and fun for the family day participants. With an organized convoy equipped with walkie talkie, all 9 cars reached the university safely. Neither accidents nor injury was reported.


  1. Pisyek says:

    seingat aku dah banyak kali medtech punya event kat gua tempurung. korang tak bosan ke? heran gile aku. 😛

  2. xyz says:

    medtech’s intralink mcm xberupdate lame dah je.. (:

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