Minggu Aluan Siswa (MAS) or Orientation Week September 2011 intake has been successfully organized by Counselor Unit with Student Representative Council (SRC) as the director. It is a compulsory event for the new intake in order to give warm welcome and expose to the freshies the life in UTP. MAS took 7 days starting from 22nd Sept 2011 (Thursday) until 28th Sept 2011 (Wednesday) mainly in Chancellor Hall and Main Hall.

Media and Technology Club (MEDTECH) assist ITMS in handling the media and the technical part for the whole events. 37 committees of MEDTECH act as the media facilitators consist of two groups; crew and cmd. CMD group is divided into two teams; photo and video team. The job scopes of media facilitators consist of doing photo coverage starting from the Training of Trainers (TOT); 3 days before MAS started, prepare four montages (parents, smiley, facilitators and behind the scene), handling technical equipments in the hall and not to be forgotten, participate and do assist the facilitators.

For this MAS, MEDTECH takes Briefing for Self Reflection Night slot as the slot to introduce the technical equipments in the main hall and how the equipments should be handled to the new students. Whereas Self Reflection Night slot on the last night is the special slot designed to the new students to show their talents either on the stage or in front of the camera. All of the MEDTECH committees involved do learn new things and get the experiences from the MAS.


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