Recesky DIY TLR LOMO Camera Order Form

Hi there! Medtech is proud to announce that we are selling an array of Recesky Do-It-Yourself TLR Cameras! There are 6 different colors to choose from and the price that we are giving is the cheapest as compared to any other places in Malaysia! Here is how much it costs:

RM50 for Medtech Members
RM55 for non-Medtech members

The first 5 customers will get RM5 off their orders!

These are a lot cheaper as compared with other places which sells for at least RM80 each! Due to our low cost, the prices shown are without shipping. Interested? Fill up our order form by clicking here!

[form form-3]


  1. yuu says:

    byar bla??

    • mfashraf says:

      bayar bila stock dah sampai. thanks 🙂

      • Razor says:

        bila stock sampai?

        • mfashraf says:

          Dalam seminggu dua kot insyaAllah. Nanti kita akan contact

          • Razor says:

            great! asalkan sempat melaram ngan kamera ni raya haji nanti. XD

      • Razor says:

        great! asalkan sempat melaram raya haji nanti. XD

  2. Razor says:

    when do we will get this stuff?

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