Medtech Web Class

On 24th of March 2012, Medtech Web Department has held an annually class, The Medtech Web Class. It was held in the new building, Block 22 and was participated by 17 UTP students. The main objectives of this class were spreading knowledge in creating website and give basic on it. Nevertheless, all the teaching materials are understandable and simple.Secondly was to teach on customizing the web in a basic manner to show a rough idea on how a web should look like. The master who was teaching his apprentice that day was Mahsyar Said,final year student in ICT. The class began at 8.30 pm, introducing what is web. The students were eager to learn on creating the web. They was taught from scratch until creating their own domain. Some of the pupil who has experience in developing web also helped making the student understands the flow of it. This class objective is to give information and exposure to the participants about website and steps to make it looks attractive to the viewer according touser creativity. Every participant was given step-by-step website making. All participants were excited when learning to make it as this is the new knowledge for them.

Introducing about web
During the class

It is hoped that more web class will be conducted for other website builder such as Joomla! and others as every software have different type of function. At the end of the lesson,we are hoping that the entire participant manages to understand about web and make use of it.We hope that this class had given knowledge and understanding about what is web and what to do with it, and create a template to set an example of their professionalism. Nevertheless, weare hoping that this class will bring benefits for them no matter in studies of in their career. For the next class, other committees are encouraged to join as a lot of knowledge can be shared.The other upcoming class for the committee which are design class and video class are also encouraged to join. Therefore, gain all the knowledge that can be collected during the class.

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