For every semester, an event called MEDTECH Family day would be held and this May trimester was no exception. The main purpose of this event is to strengthen the bond in the MEDTECH committee. During this semester, the place of choice for this event was held at a Laser Tag centre called Laser Battle in Bercham,Ipoh.


As mentioned, the main objective of the MEDTECH Family Day was to allow those from the MEDTECH committee to interact and bond with each other with the elimination of stressful work areas and job posts. With this we were free to enjoy the evening donned with a laser gun and vest.
















Before starting the game we were separated into 4 groups. Two groups would alternate between each other for every game which was all in all two games per group with an additional free game sponsored by Laser Battle due to the fact we were a large ‘family’.  At the end of the day, the victors of the Laser Battle were group 4.

1s Place winners (Standing) & Runner-ups (sitting)


All in all it was an enjoyable day albeit a tiring one because of the constant running and adrenalin rush. We hope to have another successful and fun filled day in for the next MADTECH family day.

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