MEDTECH Annual General Meeting 2012

Media and Technology Club (MEDTECH) had successfully organized MEDTECH Annual General Meeting for session 2012/2013. This event took place on 25th July 2012 at Pocket D4 Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. The purpose of this event is to introduce MEDTECH Club to UTP students, its committee and its members and to announce the new line up for High Committee of MEDTECH session 2012/2013.

For this annum, this event was conducted during the month of Ramadan. So besides having the opportunity to know the new line up for High Committee of MEDTECH, we also get the chance to break our fast together. A total of 68 committee member attended this event and made this event such a memorable one for all those who’re present.

The event started with the speech form Acting President, Mohd Amierul Bin Azhar and then continued with the presentation from Secretary I of MEDTECH club, Nurhidayah Binti Ahmad Fuhat and presentation from Acting Treasurer, Shahirah Binti Mohamed Loqman.

Mohd Amierul Bin Azhar giving his speech.

Nurhidayah Binti Ahmad Fuhat presenting the previous and current event in MEDTECH club.

Shahirah Binti Mohamed Loqman presenting about the financial report of MEDTECH Club.

Apart from presentation, resolve the current line up of MEDTECH club also had been done by the representative of SRCUTP before the election session. Then, the manifesto session had been conducted.  All of the candidates had been given an opportunity to introduce themselves before the voting session. While the vote is being validated by MPPUTP, all the participants were presented with the montages proudly brought to you by MEDTECH.

After all, the new line up of HIGH Committee of MEDTECH session 2012/2013 had been announced. The new line up is:

  • President          – Mohd Amierul Bin Azhar
  • Vice President – Azril Syazwan Bin Mohd Hazim
  • Secretary I       –  Nur Athirah binti Mohd Shipah
  • Secretary II     – Khairunnisa Binti Ar Alhan
  • Treasurer         – Shahirah bte Mohamed Loqman

Our hope is that that the strong bond among the committee will last forever even thought we will be working with the new line up of MEDTECH Club. Hope that this new line up will be the best line up for MEDTECH Club. Thank you and good luck.

The new line up of HIGH Committee of MEDTECH Club session 2012/2013 with the representative from SRCUTP.

The previous line up of HIGH Committee with the new line up of HIGH Committee.

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