KakiPhoto October – Black & White

MEDTECH had recently organized another KakiPhoto outing. It was opened to all UTP students that were interested or wanted to dive into photography. This time, KakiPhoto October was held at the park near the academic blocks. As for the theme, the one chosen for this month was Black & White Photography.

KakiPhoto October was participated by both MEDTECH committee members and UTP students. The participants were split into a few groups with one senior photographer guiding them. Some of them also took the initiative to become models to make the event better. Participants that were not familiar with DSLR were also exposed to it as they took turn experimenting with other participant’s DSLR. This allowed them to learn the basics of handling a DSLR.

From the class, one of the things learnt was changing from colour to monochrome setting. This feature was built into the camera.

For Nikon

– Menu > Shooting menu (Camera picture) > Picture Control > Monochrome (MC)

For Canon

– Menu > Picture Style (six small rectangles arranged in a circle > Monochrome (M)

Tip : Use your camera’s white balance setting to control the gray tones in your black-and-white pictures.

As a conclusion, KakiPhoto October was a success. All participants managed to learn something new and at the same time, expanded their circle of friends.


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