KakiPhoto November – Smoke Trail

 Every month MEDTECH will organize KakiPhoto as an activity for photographers from UTP to share their knowledge among themselves. Last week, we held our November KakiPhoto with theme “Smoke Trail”. It was held on 24th November 2012 from 9 p.m to 11.00 p.m near Lecture Hall 1.

This theme was basically chosen because we want to teach on how to shoot smoke trails and how to setup the things to produce such pictures.


For the setup, we need to prepare mosquito coils or something that can produce smoke such as incense. Source of light, a DSLR camera, black cardboard, and tripod will also be needed. This is the simplest setup we can get in order to produce this photo. What most important is we need a small dark room with good ventilation to prevent the smoke stuck in the room and can be hazardous to the photographers.

After the snapping session we end our activities by briefing about the trick to colour our smoke photos and how to make it sharp and clearer.

You might want to visit this site as it provides a complete tutorial on how to photograph smoke trails.  http://www.redbubble.com/people/bigbear/journal/4600750-tutorial-smoke-trails.

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