Kaki Photo March 2014

Kaki Photo is an outing which gathers all professional and amateurs in photography for them to have a photo shooting session together. This outing, conducted by the Photo Team of Creative Multimedia Department is for everyone, young and old to share their bits of knowledge on photography as well as establishing new contacts in photography. Everybody is highly welcomed to join this monthly outing.

          On 26th March 2014, UTP Medtech Club oragnised its KakiPhoto for the month of March. The theme chosen for the month was ‘Bokeh’. The outing was conducted at the park in the lab circulation between academic block. At 5.45 pm, the outing was started with a simple tutorial by Mr Farul Rafiq on what bokeh is all about. A handout contain 10 tips on how to variance the bokeh techniques are given to the participant.Then, we have some sharing session with others about the product that has been captured by them.

Overall, everyone managed to gain new knowledge on the bokeh technique. It was fun and everyone enjoyed the outing. We sincerely hope that everyone has benefited from such outing.





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