MEDTECH Marketing Class 2014

MEDTECH Marketing Class 2014 was the first ever business related class organized by UTP Media and Technology Club, held on 22nd March 2014  at 20-00-01. The event was attended by some of the MEDTECH high committee members and some of the MEDTECH newly elected committee members. The main objectives of this event is to help the participants to understand the concept of marketing in a club, its importance to sustain a club and how to imply it into the club current situation to gain more money, reputation and popularity in UTP.


The event started at 9.00 a.m. with the registration and distribution of breakfast for the participants. Then, the event is followed by a short speech regarding on the topic of marketing by the President of MEDTECH club itself, Mr. Azril Syazwan bin Mohd Hazim. The event was then passed to  Mdm Siti Nadia bt Mohd Ali  to present her presentation and elaborate more on the topic. During the sharing session, participants are able to gain more knowledge such as ways to market their products, finding the suitable potential buyers, preparing the budgets, ways to gain trust among customers towards our society and many more tips. She also concentrates on the importance of looking further away in the future in gaining profit so that our club would never lack of resources in the future.


The event is then proceeded with the Q&A session. The participants were all eager to know more on ways to do marketing and asked lots of questions to the speaker which leave a good impression for our club. After the Q&A session, a token of appreciation was presented to Mdm Siti Nadia bt Mohd Ali by the president of MEDTECH Club, Mr. Azril and a photography session was conducted. Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that involved in making this event successful.


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