MEDTECH Video Class

MEDTECH had conducted a Video Class on the 29th of March 2014 . The speaker for this class was Shah Izral bin Azmi and Muhammad Nizamuddin Nu’aim Bin Mohd Shaarani. They both are very experience in cinematography.

The class started the module with Sony Vegas since some of the participant are new in video editing. After teaching the basic tools, Mr. Nizamuddin take over and teach on proper way in creating video starting from storyboard until editing part using Adobe After Effect. He explained the techniques first, which were tools on how to use them. Then he showed to the participants a few example of animation using After Effect and how they made it through an example. His finished off his talk with a Q & A session whereby some asked about tips in looking for inspiration.

The session ended with a show of gratitude towards the speaker and those who came.

Thank you to Medtech members who come to this class to fill their free time by joining this Video Class. Also a special thanks to Mr. Shah Izral and Mr. Nizamuddin as he shared a lot to all participant about multimedia.

Medtech video Class

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