EMS Recruitment Drive

Event Management Seminar or EMS is annual event for UTP MEDTECH Club. The main purpose of this event is to provide clear guidelines for organizer of an event to execute an event systematically and professionally. This seminar consisted of modules in the form of talks and workshops where participants were exposed about the basics of the event management skills. This seminar is crucial to ensure the participants were aware of the importance of having proper management skills and also communication skills in order to make an event or an organization a success.

For this 9th EMS, MEDTECH is collaborating with SRCUTP in order to make this event a success.

On the 14th and 15th of April, EMS Recruitment drive was held. This recruitment drive is held to select and form an organizing committee member for EMS 2014. Committees were selected from the interview held. After the recruitment drive, since there are still vacancies, online recruitment is done.

Thank you to all who come to the interview and those who did the online recruitment. For those who are selected, congratulations! We  sincerely believe that you are capable in making this event a success.

Lastly,  happy working and all the best to all EMS 2014 committee!





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