On the 2nd of April, Media and Technology Club (MEDTECH) held a free web class open for all the students of UTP. The class was taught by one of our young brilliant committee members, Azwan bin Ali, a foundation student with a bounty of knowledge in the field of web development. In his slot he taught the fundamentals of a website such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order for a website to gain more traffic.

The next slot was conducted my our very own Vice President of MEDTECH, Ahmad Farhan bin Zulkarnain. During his session, he showed the class how to set up a website in 5 minutes. The steps shown were :

1)      Install Wamp Server on PC.

2)      Setting up a database.

3)      Install wordpress in Wamp Server.

4)      Create your posts.

5)      Upload in on the internet.



More details about setting up a website can be learnt from this link provided by Ahmad Farhan,

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