Cyber Gen 2014

Cyber Gen 2014 is an annual event organized by UTP Media and Technology Club (UTP MEDTECH Club). This was the seventh Cyber Gen since it was initiated since 2010 where it was still being maintained as a community service event. The main objective of this event is about charity which is to fully contribute to the outside community without making any profit from it. With the theme “Bridging Digital Mind”, the participants were exposed about how important and the benefits of knowing the element of media and technology will help them in the future. To be specific, the participants learnt in details about the skills of Adobe Photoshop. Plus, it also managed to strengthen the bond between UTP students with outside community. This event had received a positive feedback from the teachers and participants itself.

The planning and execution of tasks had started since January 2014 semester where a few targeted schools were being approached to be a host. All the committees contributed their ideas and energy during the pre-planning of the event. The Economy & Sponsorship Department also approached targeted companies to seek for financial support for this event. In terms of financial support, Student Support Service Department of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, SSSD had sponsored RM 1,000 for the event. UTP MEDTECH Club also contributed RM 500 and the other big sponsors were Kumpulan Media Karangkraf Selangor, AMC3 Sdn.Bhd ,AANS Technical & Services Sdn.Bhd , Climb Hills Holding, Mahligai Bridal House and few more. The total income for this event is RM 3450 and we manage to collect a profit of RM 334.56. This profit will be brought forward to the next Cyber Gen since the purpose of the money collected was for charity-purpose.

In order to have a good bonding among the committees, a kick off and family day was held before the event. It was held on 31st May 2014. It was held at Oval Park, UTP by Games & Activity Department committees. The committees managed to know each other well and having a fun activity during the session. This was the starting where the committees built teamwork among them.

Kick Off 2

For this year, Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) Felda Trolak, Perak had been chosen as the host for this event. It is because the school teaches their students about the basic of using Adobe Photoshop so it is easier for the facilitators to share with them the extended version of manipulating their current skills in producing a good poster and other designing works. This event was held for two days which was on 21st until 22nd of June 2014. A total of 72 participants consisted of form two students had joined this event and gone through the module prepared by the facilitators.

On 21st Of June 2014 around 9.00 a.m., the opening ceremony session started.  The VIPs that attended the session were Madam Siti Khatijah Binti Hussin; Head of Science Department of MRSM Felda Trolak, Mr Khairul Badrisham Bin Ramly; the Advisor of Cyber Gen 2014, Mr Khairul Nizam bin Kamaruzaman; the school teacher in charge for the event, Mr Azril Syazwan Mohd Hazim, the President of MEDTECH Club and our Project Manager; Chan Kwok Pong. During the ceremony, the Project Manager gave his speech stated his greatest gratitude towards the school for giving the opportunity to conduct this event. Apart from that, Mr Khairul Badrisham Bin Ramly highlighted the hard work that had been given by the event committees in his speech. Before the ceremony ended, Madam Siti Khatijah Binti Hussin also gave a speech and officiated the event.

Opening Ceremony

After that, the participants were brought to their respective computer lab for Lab Module 1; Introduction and Learning Session. In this slot, the participants were exposed about the basic tools in Adobe Photoshop and their usage. The facilitators shared their knowledge and experience in using Adobe Photoshop with the students. Here, a two ways of communication in teaching and learning process was applied where instead of just teaching, the participants could also ask questions and give a sharing about their knowledge. So, the facilitators also learnt new information from the participants. The first lab session ended at 1.00 a.m. and the participants were released to have their lunch and perform Zuhur prayer.

At 2.00 p.m., Lab Module 2; Introduction and Basic Photography Lesson started. The facilitators taught the participants on the basic setting in using DSLR Camera; ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and White Balance. The participants were interested to learn this module as they will use these skills for Sidang Redaksi to produce their school magazines. Moreover, the participants were given an opportunity to hand on the camera in the class. They directly applied what had been taught by taking pictures in the computer labs. Through this module, the knowledge transfer seems to be very effective since we managed to get a positive feedback from the participants. At 4.15 p.m., the module ended and the program was proceeding with a tea break and Asar prayer.




Apart from focusing on the modules, there was also a relaxation session conducted for the participants. At 5.00 p.m. until 7.00 p.m., the participants and facilitators gathered at the open area for the outdoor games. There were three games conducted by Games & Activity Committees in this session, which were Running Man and Trolak Next Top Model. The purposes of this session were to create the bonding between the facilitators and the students as well as challenged their teamwork and creativity. Surprisingly, the participants came out with the awesome and creative outfits made from old newspaper for the Trolak Next Top Model Module.


At 9.00 p.m., a Motivational Talk was conducted at Dewan Kuliah. The speaker for this session was Mr Azril Syazwan Mohd Hazim. In this session, he focusing on the personal potential of the students and how do they appreciate their potential for a betterment in their lives. For the first hours of the session, each participant was given a time to answer an online personality test in the computer labs. After that, Mr Azril Syazwan conducted a talk session to motivate the students to properly use their self-potential in their studies and lives. Here, not only the participants got the benefits, but also the committee since the talk was very inspiring and informative. Once the session ended, all the participants and committees had an ample time for rest as a preparation for the next day.

For Day 2, the program started with an aerobics session at 8.00 a.m. All the committees and participants gathered at open area for the session. The aerobic session was conducted by Games & Activity Department. The committees leant how to conduct an informal session with the participants where they did a demonstration of stretching and aerobics steps and then was followed by the students. Here, it shown that the program was not only for the purpose of formal knowledge transfer but also encouraging fitness among the participants. After that, the facilitators and participants had their breakfast at Dewan Selera.

After breakfast, the games and activity session started. There were simples games conducted with the participants. The purpose of this
session was to further strengthen the bonding and create a memorable time between the committees and participants so that everyone would remember this Cyber Gen 2014. The participants sang along with the facilitators and the Promotion and Publication committees recorded a video as a memory in the future.

Then at 10.30 a.m., Lab Module 3; Assignment and Competition Session started. The participants were divided into small group and being asked to design a poster for Photoshop Class. They came out with many creative and good designs. Here, it seemed that all the knowledge shared during Lab Module 1 was wisely used by the participants. The facilitators just only monitored their works and advised them if needed. Some of the groups who managed to complete the design early were given a chance to design “Kad Raya” to get an extra mark. From these modules, three best designs were chosen as the winners.

Poster Lab 1Poster Lab 2Poster Lab 3

Posters designed by the participants.

After the Lab Module 3, the participants and committees had a lunch and Zuhur prayer before joining the closing ceremony session. The closing ceremony session started at 2.00 p.m.The VIPs for the closing ceremony were Mr Khairul Nizam bin Kamaruzaman; the school teacher in charge for the event, Mr Azril Syazwan Mohd Hazim, the President of MEDTECH Club and the Project Manager; Chan Kwok Pong. During the closing ceremony, the Project Manager gave his closing speech, stated his greatest gratitude to everyone that had made this event a success. The winners from Lab Module 3 were given a hamper as an appreciation for their effort. Their posters were viewed by everyone in the hall. Before ending the closing ceremony session, two closing montage prepared by the Promotion & Publication committees were played as a summary of the two days event. Then, a photography session was conducted and the ceremony adjourned.

Thanks to all the person involve in making this event a success especially our advisor, Mr Khairul Badrisham  Bin Ramly, administration and teacher of MRSM Felda Trolak, all the committees and of course our sponsors and donors. Without their utmost support, this event will not be as successful as we hope for.




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