KakiPhoto Outing June @ Penang

UTP Media and Technology Club (MEDTECH) have hosted its KakiPhoto Outing June 2014. This event is basically a photography trip outside of UTP which this time we were on a trip to Penang. It was conducted on 7th of June 2014 (Saturday) until 8th of June 2014 (Sunday)

The objectives of this trip are to introduce media equipments especially camera  to all participants and techniques to handle them properly, to strengthen the bonds and build the spirit of teamwork as a team within the committees and also to strengthen the skills and quality of work of the committees.

During the night before departure, all committees and all participants were gathered at UTP pavilion for a briefing regarding the tentatives and also for fee payment. It takes one and a half hour to settle down everything and after that, all 28 participants were recommended to stay overnight and do qiam at the mosque to smoothen the flow in the morning.

During the trip, there were some problems occur such as car failure in terms of temperature and also heavy traffic jam for both day. But with the help from committees and participants, we managed to overcome the problem. As the problem solved, there were some change in tentative and change of places that were visited.

By 7.00 p.m. on 8th of June 2014 (Sunday) the trip has come to the end. All participants were going back to UTP safely. Even after all the obstacles faced, we are happy that this events succeed in giving exposure to the participant on photography apart from having a good time and carves some beautiful memories.

We would like to thank all the parties involve in making this event a success. Without your support, this event will not happen.











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